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The Diefenbach firm is best known in its civil, matrimonial and child custody practice, backed by state-of-the-art computer technology, located at 55 Broad Street in the New York Information Technology Center. It has concentrated its practice in civil litigation for the last 30 years. Not many divorce attorneys can say they have significant experience as child custody lawyers. We can. The Diefenbach firm is known by most all the top divorce lawyers in Manhattan and the Supreme Court judges who handle custody and divorce cases. The firm's reputation has attracted students from the top-10 law schools to work here. When negotiations fail, our experience is that clients can at times obtain fairer results when they litigate rather than cave in. Diefenbach has consistently been recognized by both clients and colleagues alike as a leading trial lawyer and has earned that reputation through hard-fought battles against some of New York's top divorce lawyers and trial lawyers.

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Gordon Price Diefenbach has built a reputation as a strong litigator, particularly in the area of child custody and matrimonial litigation in Manhattan. His firm has long been the "go-to" firm even by other lawyers. We have a proven track record of taking on some of the most complex and high-conflict child custody and divorce cases in New York. Facing a spouse in court who wants nothing less than to gain residential custody of your child-and an exorbitant child support check every month until their 21st birthday-requires an attorney who is first and foremost, trial-savvy. Mr. Diefenbach was hired out of law school by Martin, Clearwater & Bell, a top-100 NYC law firm. Having made thousands of court appearances, the Diefenbach Law Firm possesses some of the most unparalleled divorce litigation experience in New York. 

Child Custody Attorneys NYC

Going through a divorce is never an easy process-and having children caught in the mix of things makes matters exponentially more complicated and stressful for all parties involved. With decades of experience as a child custody lawyer in New York, Gordon Diefenbach understands the intricacies of how these cases are tried, and more importantly, how to win custody of your child. Our mission is always to win you primary and residential custody of your child-not to settle for less. You can learn more about Child Custody law in NYC here.


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"Diefenbach has handled some of the most contentious and complex child custody and divorce cases ever to hit the New York courts. He carries a lot of weight in a business where weight means a lot." Read Our Full History